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Finding your student’s messages, applications, and process ID

Find your student’s messages to you and where you’re up to in each application process, by using Sofiri’s simple filters.

Don’t let the Sofiri interface intimidate you! – it’s extremely easy to use.

Video: Filtering
(finding messages, application processes, and Process IDs)


In this short video, we’ll discuss how to locate your student’s messages, their application, their process ID, and to see where a specific student may be in the Sofiri process.

Finding your student’s messages

To locate a specific student’s message, click the ‘message’ menu item on the left.

Switch to ‘find’, and enter in the name, email, or process ID of the student who you would like to find.

Click on the search result to send that student a message. If the student is offline, this box will appear grey. If the student is online, the box will be activated green.

Finding your student’s application

To locate applications which are in specific process stages, or with a specific provider, click ‘applications’ in the left-hand menu. Select from the two drop-down filters here.

Finding your student’s place in the Sofiri application process

To locate a specific student – or particular groupings of students -, find a student’s process ID, or to see where a student currently is in their Sofiri journey, navigate to the ‘students’ menu item on the left. Filter by that student’s intended level of study, their name, which country they intend to study in, or their email address.

A student’s process ID is found here.

Click ‘see process’ to go to their applications and to see where they are in the process.

In this example, the student has made three applications (which is the maximum amount of applications they can make through Sofiri), as indicated by these three tabs here.

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