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Education counselling in Spanish? Speak to Liliana Peters.

Liliana Peters, Sofiri Education Expert, in Sydney, Australia

Education counselling could be better delivered with a touch of empathy, and also, the use of Spanish. From English language courses to vocational training and a master’s degree, Education Expert Liliana Peters has done it all.

“Working for a university has meant that I’ve helped thousands of students choose their career paths”, she tells us.

“I was born in Colombia, and moved to Australia in 2008. I decided to migrate to Australia because I wanted to expand my studies and have the experience of working and living overseas. I’ve been here ever since.”

From Colombia to Australia

With plenty of personal experience studying in Australia as well as experience working for an Australian university, a business professional body, and a multinational corporation, Ms. Peters knows exactly what aspiring students from Spanish-speaking countries should consider when seeking studies overseas to conduct her education counselling.

“When you’re thinking about what course would be best for you to study, ask yourself, ‘what is the ultimate goal I’m looking to achieve?’. What course will give you the skills (and the resume) that’ll propel you towards your dream career?”

“Don’t blindly choose a course without thinking about your long-term goals”.

“In regards to which educational provider you choose, you need to really understand the quality of the institution, their teaching, and their global reputation. These are factors that will all have an effect on your life and your future career”.

Getting the information you need

Ms. Peters is a professional education counsellor who’s highly knowledgable about the sector.

“Her enthusiasm and drive are contagious”, says Sofiri CEO, George Hernandez, who was also once an international student from Colombia. “Education counselling should come from a place of expert knowledge. It should be delivered with a touch of empathy. Importantly, it should give aspiring students a sense of excitement about the journey they’re about to embark on. As an education counsellor, Liliana delivers on all of that.”

Liliana leverages on her own experience as a former international student when counselling aspiring students.

“I have been there! I came to Australia as an international student myself, so I know first-hand about the challenges you might face”.

What it’s like to live in Australia

“When I first arrived in Australia to study, I lived with a homestay family. That’s something I’d recommend doing. My homestay family introduced me to my favourite Australian meal – roast lamb. Can’t beat a good roast!”

“Australians have a great work-life balance. You do have to work hard. But you also have time to enjoy yourself and be with your loved ones.”

“Graduates tend to have very good employment opportunities. After completing my masters degree I was very pleased to see how my employment opportunities expanded. Many of the students I’ve counselled have had the same experience.”

Profile photo of Liliana Peters

You can speak with Liliana Peters to get guidance on your study options in Australia now.

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