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How Do You Manage And Optimise Student Recruitment Within The COVID 19 Environment?

As an Australian – and New Zealand-based company supporting the education sector, Sofiri understands the strain that COVID-19 has created on the industry. 

Sofiri has been successfully recruiting students from around the world for the last two years using its innovative technology platform. Now, Sofiri is white-labelling its technology under the name Instant Messaging Applicant Manager (IMAM) to make it easy for universities, colleges and agents to recruit students within COVID 19 constraints of social distancing and working from home. 

Student Recruitment In 2020-2021 And Beyond

With the rise of working from home, travel restrictions and social distancing, our sector has been required to re-imagine student recruitment, and how it can be conducted safely. The days of student fairs, open days, agent events, and one-on-one meetings are over – at least, for now. Given these are central pillars of student recruitment, this presents us with an urgent problem to move forward successfully.

Sofiri’s Solution Is Simple: 

· IMAM is a peer-to-peer platform connecting prospective students with advisors.

· IMAM empowers advisors at a university or college (student ambassadors, recruiters, academics, or administrators) or the agent network to use this platform remotely from their home to advise prospective students and administer applications.

· IMAM is comprehensive; it enables education providers and agents to successfully manage the journey from prospective student enquiry to becoming an enrolled student, not just student engagement.

It’ll Look, Sound, And Feel Like Your Institution

SOFIRI will work behind the scenes – IMAM is available to be embedded on any website or as a web app specifically for prospective students and advisors. Whichever features institutions choose to use, they’ll be customised and branded accordingly.

Sofiri Adds Value To Every Step Of The Student Recruitment And Enrolment Process

Qualify and direct prospective students to the best contact

  • 58% of prospective students prefer to use the real-time chat at all stages of communication; 73% to make an enquiry. The IMAM BOT will enable prospective students to sign up and chat in a few clicks 24/7 in five different languages.
  • IMAM uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) NLP to pre-qualify students before they even begin a conversation with an advisor; this is a critical step when handling and qualifying large volumes of queries.
  • IMAM connects advisors (e.g., education provider’s student ambassadors, recruiters, academics, and/or administrators, and/or agent counsellors) with genuine prospective students, which significantly enhances their productivity.
  • IMAM allows administrators to decide the redirection business rules. The prospective student can choose who they chat to or is automatically directed to an education provider’s student ambassador, recruiter, academic, or administrators, or agent counsellors. 
  • IMAM allows redirecting any prospective student who is not qualified to appropriate webpages and other resources.

Manage prospective student enquiries

  • IMAM ensures advisors will be notified in real-time via WhatsApp, email and SMS about prospective student enquiries, allowing them to respond immediately from their mobile phones if they choose to.
  • All chat conversations are recorded and available to the admin account, giving the education provider full visibility, transparency and accountability of the recruitment and enrolment process.
  • IMAM enables education providers to personalise advice and formal quotations, using up-to-date international currencies at the click of a button.

Manage application submission, make it easier for prospective students and secure documentation

  • IMAM is available as a custom mobile app available in iOS or Android, or as a web app available via a URL.
  • IMAM will guide future students through the specific documentation uploads that are required for their particular course application, as well as provide guidance to complete their Statements of Purpose. 
  • IMAM offers automated prompts and reminders via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email or SMS, encouraging prospective students to complete their applications.
  • IMAM provides secure documentation uploads. 
  • IMAM makes the online application process Gen Z-friendly.

The Road Ahead 

Continuation of student recruitment this year is essential for the future. Sofiri’s IMAM enables student recruitment staff, the agent network and current student ambassadors to remain productive to achieve recruitment goals as we manoeuvre during the current COVID-19 challenges.

Now, more than ever is the time for education companies to support each other. Any University or college that reaches out to Sofiri will receive the base version of IMAM for free until June 30th 2020.

To learn more about IMAM and start your trial, click here.

George Hernandez
Founder and CEO

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