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New Zealand: Now You Can Offer International Student Health Insurance!

Sofiri has been working away behind the scenes to offer more products and services to support our students to make their lives a little bit easier.

We are excited to announce Sofiri’s partnership with Cohort Go to provide International Student Health Insurance to Sofiri international students.

Please visit: https://www.uni-care.org/Policy/NzStudentPlan to find out more about the insurance provider.

What this means for you – our Education Experts?

Overseas Student Health Cover Provider Your Commission Value
Uni-Care 2.5%

How to provide a quote to your student

Head to https://studenthealth.nz/en?partner=au-sofiri and enter the number of adults (and number of children, if applicable) to be covered, when the policy starts, when the policy finishes, and the type of education provider, from here you can email the student the quote (please note it needs to be less than 12 months for students to understand the yearly figure).


How to process the quote for your student

Login to Cohort Go: https://cohortflow.com/login
Email: info@sofiri.com
Ask your expert manager

Step 1 : Create your student

Go to the Student Tab at the top of the page and then go to +New Student. Input your students details.

Step 2: Create and purchase a StudentHealth policy for the student

Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Purchase StudentHealth’. Select the type of education provider, number of adults (and number of children, if applicable) and insert policy start and end date then click ‘update quote’.

You will then be provided with the cost of Uni-Care.

Continue with the rest of the process and once the quote is created, you can click on ‘pay via telegraphic transfer’ and this will generate a pdf invoice for you to provide to your student. The student can then pay directly from their bank account in their own currency.
And that’s it – simple!

As always, feel free to contact Laurie Price if you have any questions, or reach out to us on your Education Experts LinkedIn group.

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