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Embracing Opportunity: Russel Sanchez, Expert In Profile

Russel Sanchez originally came to Australia to study English, just for just a few months. A couple of years and a degree in business later, Mr. Sanchez now lives in NSW.

‘My education in Australia was a very positive experience for me’, Russel says about his time as a student. ‘It prepared me for life in the ‘real’ Australian society.’

Today, Russel is an Education Expert here at Sofiri. He provides advice to young people who are considering study in Australia, sharing his knowledge as a former international student himself – as well as his professional experience in the education sector.

‘Helping lead students towards the right path and their futures brings me genuine joy and satisfaction – because I know from a personal perspective how hard it can be to move to a new country and how hard it can be to adjust.’

Mr. Sanchez has been involved in the education industry for the past year, with dedicated experience within a Student Services team, providing advice and guidance to current and future international students.

‘I’ve always enjoyed interacting with international students. As an Education Expert with Sofiri and former international student myself, I’m looking forward to the positive impact I know I can make in sharing my knowledge.’

Russel now lives in Sydney, Australia.

From Peru to Australia

Originally from Peru, Russel is passionate about the Australian way of life.

‘The life quality I have in Australia is the main reason why I love living here. I love that it’s possible to go out and feel safe. I love that I have rights in Australia, and that this is a country which takes care of people.’

‘The relaxing environment you see everywhere here is great, especially on the coast and close to the beaches. People don’t want conflicts – they want to live in peace and harmony in their community.’

‘Australia is the safest country I have ever been. The law is for everybody here, and corruption is low. Life is more organised, and people are happy.’

When he’s not working with international students, Russel might be found at Manly Beach. ‘I love having a barbecue on the beach with friends on a weekend. Best feeling ever.’

Photo by Luke Dean-Weymark on Unsplash

The Cultural Transition

When asked what aspiring students should ask themselves before they choose what they’ll study, Russel answers, ‘It’s important that students ask themselves what it is they need to study to achieve their goals.’

‘Being ready for the cultural transition that’s involved in moving to Australia is what will really determine if students will get the best out of their time and their studies here.’

‘There’s a lot of opportunity in Australia, for people who are willing to work hard to succeed. As with any other big cosmopolitan city, there’s competition to find the right work of course.’

‘But with perseverance and commitment, you can achieve anything.’

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