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Training Video #1: What Your Students See

Welcome to the first video in our Education Expert training series.

In this short video, we discuss what the Sofiri web application looks like from a student’s perspective. We see how your profiles appear in the ‘find an expert’ view, and how listings are personalised for each student.

Video: What Your Students See


Watch Video #2 in this training series, here.

Video Transcript:

My name is Rena and I’m Sofiri’s Chief Marketing Officer.

In this series of trainings videos I’m going to show you how students can find and choose you, how to create applications for students, and how to create a student’s visa.

When a student has a Sofiri account and has completed their profile, they can browse for education experts by completing the following information:

· Target country

· Discipline

· Intended level of study

· And intended course name (this field is optional)

In Sofiri we have five different criteria by which students can ‘sort’ Education Expert listings. Here are the top three:

1. First, we have all experts who are citizens of the same country as the student. In this case, the student is from China.

2. If there are none – then the second sorting criteria is how proficient an expert is in that student’s native language, and how close they are geographically to the student’s location

3. If there are no experts who fit these two criteria, then the third display option in this list is sorting by how close an expert is geographically to the student.

When a student clicks on the ‘read more’ button in an expert’s profile, they can see the number of successful applications that you’ve processed so far, country of citizenship, current location, the languages that spoken, and the bio snapshot.

If the student wants to talk with you they’ll then click on the chat button. They’ll then immediately redirected to a chat room with you. An email notification will be sent to you to let you know.

An aspiring student may select up to three Education Experts to chat with in this initial stage. This is important for them to be able to get a feel for how you communicate with them, and how comfortable they feel in choosing you to undertake their journey with through to application with their educational institution of choice and enrolment.

Check out the next video in this training series, to see how the ‘chat’ action will display for you, as an Education Expert.

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