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Training Video #2: Using Sofiri

Want to know what to expect of your very first interactions with prospective students?

This video will tell you everything you need to know!

Video: Using Sofiri

Scroll down to the second video on this page, which details more about the Sofiri dashboard. Learn how to access detail on the educational providers with whom we work – including your commissions, an indication on the institution’s fees, how you will make an application with that provider, and more.

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This is the dashboard view of Sofiri that you will see, when you log in as an Education expert.

In this dashboard, you can see how many unread messages your have in your Sofiri inbox, as well as the number of student application and visas you have pending, and the number of students you have guided throughout their journey through to enrolment.

From the dashboard, you can also access updates from all educational providers with whom Sofiri works. This is a useful space to keep up-to-date on the latest news.

Here, you can also view the educational providers who we work with, listed by provider type.

In the next menu item on the left, in the menu option below your Profile, is the message chat room. When a student select to chat with you, you’ll receive an email like this one notifying you. It’s important that you reply at your earliest convenience to the student’s message, as you have just a 24-hour window before the student will be required to make a final decision about the education expert they will choose to move forward with.

We suggest greeting the student, introducing yourself, and beginning the chat by asking them a few questions about their preferred course.

Watch the video below to understand

Training Video #2.1
(Navigating the Dashboard)

Click here to watch Video #3 in this training series.


In this video, we’ll explore your dashboard view of Sofiri in-depth, and discuss more about how you can access information about the providers with whom Sofiri works.

On each day that you choose to work with Sofiri, the first thing you should do is log in to the platform and view your dashboard.

There are three key informational elements that you will find here:
– First: a summary of your current workload.
– Secondly: the most relevant and current news for you to note as part of your job, and
– Thirdly: listings of the educational providers with whom we work, as well as detail on your commissions, whether they are direct or indirect, and how to make an application with that provider

Here is the initial view of the dashboard that you will see when you log in. Note that the Sofiri knowledge is housed in our blog, which you can access here. Keep an eye on your workload via the metrics box here, where you can see how many unread messages you have, the applications and visas you currently have pending, and how many students you have guided throughout the Sofiri process so far.

It’s important for you to stay updated on news and updates from the providers with whom we work. This feed has been designed to pipe in information directly from the most relevant external websites. Discover what new courses become available, about fee changes or increases, how institutions rank and awards they receive – just to name a few. Here’s an example from the University of Tasmania, announcing a new campus for their Maritime college that has opened in Sydney.

And lastly, we have the listings of the educational providers with whom we work. Search for them by type with this filter. Click ‘see more’ to access basic contact details. Click ‘more details’ to access in-depth information such as that institution’s key courses, an approximation of their fees, IELTS requirements, offer timeframes, and more.

Importantly, this is where you can view how to make an application for your student with that particular provider. This is very important, as this is the space where you will be provided with the information you need about how to submit an application once you have received all necessary information from your student.

Finally – it’s on this page that you can find what your commissions will be for this institution. This is listed clearly on each page, but do not hesitate to reach out to your Sofiri National Experts Manager if you have any questions about the commission structure.

Continue on to our next video in this training series, which will demonstrate how a student will contact and choose their Education Expert.

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