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Training Video #3: Expert Selection

A prospective student has initiated an initial conversation with you. What next?

Whether they select you as their Education Expert or not, you’ll receive an email letting you know. Watch this video for more information on how this works.

Video: Being Selected as an Education Expert

It’s time to learn how to begin making an application for your student! Click here to watch Video #4.


When a student would like to choose to work with you, all they will need to do is click a blue button above the message window like this one, but which says, ‘choose’. Once they have done so, you’ll receive a message.

You’ll also receive an email notification which looks like this.
Please respond to your student at your earliest convenience, because remember, your student is waiting for you.
You will need to chat with your student more, to help them determine what course and what educational provider they would like to apply to, and when they would like to commence their studies. It may be likely they will want to make more than one application. Here, it is up to you to offer your student the best advice to help them embark on their educational journey.
You can see the students who you are working with, via the ‘student’ menu option on the left hand side. If you are working with many students at one time, you may need to use the filtering options here to find them. If you are working with one or a small handful student at a time, simply click, ‘find’.
Check out the next video to see how you can make an application on your students behalf.

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