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Training Video #6: Making an Application (Following Up Your Document Request)

Here’s best practice in following up with your student.

Don’t forget to change the application status in Sofiri to ‘pending documents’ once you’ve followed up your document request with them!

Video: Making an Application: Step 3 – Following Up Your Document Request

Awesome! We’re up to the last video in this training series, on how to submit an application. Click here to watch it now.


Every day that you choose to work with Sofiri, you’ll check your dashboard to see how many applications are pending.

If you have a number in this box here that is higher than zero, then you may have some following up to do.

Check your dashboard

The first step you will take, is to check your Sofiri dashboard. In applications tab, check to see if your student has provided the full number of documents necessary yet.
If they have not provided the documents necessary, then navigate back to Sofiri. Check the date that you requested the documents from them here. Has it been longer than three or four days? If so, they may need a prompt.

Send your student a message

Hover over the arrow on the bottom right corner, and click, ‘messages’. In the chat box, reach out to your student. We suggest gently confirming with them that they received your email with your document request – perhaps their email settings had it sent to their junk mail. Perhaps check whether they require any assistance in understanding more about the documents you’ve requested, or about how to scan and upload the documents themselves.

Changing the application status in Sofiri

Once you’ve followed up with your student, click ‘see process’, and change the application status to ‘pending documents’. This indicates that you’ve already followed up with your student.
Continue to keep an eye on your dashboard to check whether your student has uploaded all the documents necessary for you to make an application on their behalf.
Once you see the number in the ‘documents provided’ column align with the number of documents requested, you can continue on to the next step.

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Jaya Sharma
February 19, 2018 at 22:25

Thanks Rena ! Video training series is very helping to understand the process.


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