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Training Video #7: Submitting an Application (The last step!)

This is it: time to submit your student’s application.

Note the difference between ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ applications, and where to find out which one is relevant to you.

Video: Submitting an Application: Step 4 – The last step!

That’s it, folks! Stay tuned for our next Education Expert training video series, where we’ll discuss how to make visa application for your student.


When your student has provided you with all the documents you’ve requested – it’s time for you to submit their application!

Each of the educational providers with whom we work have a different application process. Here’s how to find out more about what to do next. Go to your dashboard, and click ‘providers’ in the top menu. Click through to find out more information like this. Here, if you scroll down, you will see the page with all the information you need to submit the application on your students behalf.
As is the case throughout the process, there is secure information on this page, including login details for application systems.
If under the heading ’type of contract’, the provider is ‘direct’, then you can make an application on behalf of your student directly on the educational provider’s online application system. All the details you need to do this are provided on this page.
If under the heading, ’type of contract’, the provider is listed as ‘indirect’, you will submit your student’s documents to your National Experts Manager, who will make the application on your behalf. Here’s how to do that:
– Navigate to UploadOnce.com.au
– Select your student from the Dashboard
– And select, ‘assign to information provider’
– Enter in the name and email address of your National Experts Manager
– Check all the boxes under the heading ‘documents’
– And click ‘send request’
Regardless of whether you have submitted an application on behalf of your student via the ‘Direct’ or ‘Indirect’ method, you must change the application status within Sofiri. This is an absolutely crucial action to perform, in order for Sofiri to pay your commission at the conclusion of the process.
To do this, go to the ‘applications’ menu item, find your student’s application, and ‘add next action’. Click the ‘save’ button, and select the checkbox.
Remember: you can submit up to three applications for one student, and remember to stay in close contact with your student via the ‘messages’ window in Sofiri.
And that’s it! You’ve submitted an application for your student.

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