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Want to study in Australia? Speak to Minerva Blancaneaux!

education expert Minerva Blancaneaux!

Ms. Minerva Blancaneaux is one of our education experts and you can talk to her to get guidance on your study options in Australia. She also speaks English and Spanish!

But, first, let’s get to know Minerva better!

Minerva is currently an international student! She’s been enrolled at Murdoch University in Perth –Western Australia- since February 2014. She lived in Perth for four years until her scholarship and student visa ended in March 2018.

At the moment, I am finishing up my writing and editing at home in Belize, Central America and aiming to submit my thesis within the next few months. My four years in Australia provided fantastic opportunities for personal and professional growth so I am very excited for you as you begin this journey!

Minerva Blancaneaux says

Minerva has the following to share on her journey and how she will be able to assist you as an aspiring future international student in Australia.

1. Professional experience in the field of education

“I have fifteen years of experience in the field of education; seven of which are in international education. Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing an education degree there is already a lot we can talk about. And if education is not your field, I’m interested in hearing what is, and can help you narrow down your options if you are still not sure”

2. Experience as an international student in Australia and USA

“My entire higher education experience has been overseas as an international student, first in the United States and then in Australia. This means I know exactly what it is like transplanting to a new environment far away from everything and everyone familiar. I can offer some tips for how to cope throughout the transition from preparing loved ones for your departure/absence to settling into your new space. I can also share my own experiences in making the transition from a small rural village in a developing country, to a fast-paced, highly populated metropolitan city!”

3. Being multicultural

“Both my background and education experiences as student and teacher have been largely multicultural, ethnically and linguistically diverse. I can help you mentally prepare to function in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-faith setting where you will encounter many new social norms that can be very confronting at times”

4. Social network development

“I have also been fortunate over the course of my studies abroad to forge a very wide international network of friends and professional contacts. This is an important part of studying abroad not only because it provides an invaluable opportunity for networking and building lifelong connections, but also because it creates a support group that can help you cope with many of the challenges you may face – from homesickness, to culture shock, to legal issues, safety concerns etc. I will be happy to answer questions in this regard”

5. Personal advice

“It might be useful to add that I have both first and second hand experience taking dependents along while studying and therefore can provide some handy advice on what it is like and how to balance work/life/family if you plan to take your spouse, or child(ren) along”

More than counseling

I am very much interested in international students’ experiences while living and studying overseas; and the unique challenges faced by second language English-learners who choose to pursue a higher education degree in an English-speaking country. Therefore, if you would like to, I will be happy to maintain professional contact on LinkedIn or another media platform in order to follow your progress once this process is completed

Minerva Blancaneaux

How amazing is this lady! Minerva really wants to share her experiences with you and assist you with your education journey. The process can be very intimidating but thanks to education experts like. Minerva Blancaneaux, this experience is far less painful for aspiring international students like you!

I wish I had a service like this when I was fumbling my way through

Minerva Blancaneaux

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