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Here is why you should choose Sofiri

Where your education choices meet experts

100% free to use

Sofiri is a free platform and service. As an aspiring international student, you will never need to give us a credit card, banking details, or go through any other payment method.

Expert advice you can trust

See a profile snapshot for each of our experts, including a description about their experience working in the education sector, and ratings from other students on the quality of their advice.

A journey that's yours alone

The guidance you receive will be tailored specifically for you. Do you want to study in a city with a bustling nightlife or a quiet country town? We will make sure you get the outcomes you need.

Our rating system

Your input helps us ensure every Sofiri experience is the best it can possibly be. The feedback you provide us is used to build our 'star' rating system, which builds the foundations of the Sofiri community.